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OTS Transport Service deals with personal information that you present to take reservation and ask questions as in below.

1.Limited use of cookie

We escape use of cookie as much as possible to prevent your personal information from being misused.

2.Purpose and limitation of use of personal information

  • Obligated documents for rental and required check creation on business for business operator To contact with costomers who take a reservation via the Internet. (E-mail address)
  • Creation of statistical analytical information considered to be required that better service is provided to costomers.
  • Customer’s personal information will only be used to the extent necessary for arrangement of services such as transportation, accommodation and etc.

3.Fair acquisition of personal information

Our company receives personal information properly and correctly and does not receive personal information by deceit and other unjust means.

4.Management of personal information

  • Our company takes required measures appropriately under supervision of contractors or our staff – which excelled in the field of the surveillance of an information security to protect against leakage or loss of personal information and control personal information in safety.
  • This site is using SSL which is the encrypted communication of business standard for the contents page that inputs reservation information for the data security in connection with personal information.
  • This site and the operating system of our company are performing access control with account and a password appropriately to handle the employee who needs to be concerned with the kept personal information.This employee account information is severely managed not to be disclosure and failure.

5.The staff who handle personal information

When making employees deal with personal information, our company carries out required and suitable education.

6.Disclosure personal information to third parties

Our company does not provide third parties with personal information except in the cases as in below.

  • Based on Japanese low.
  • In case that there is necessity for protection of people’s life, the body, or property and when it is difficult to obtain your consent.
  • In case that there is necessity especially for promotion of the improvement in public health, or sound education for children and when it is difficult to obtain your consent.
  • In case that Japanese institution, local government, or those who accepted the trust need to cooperate for doing office work ordered by decree and when there is a possibility of exerting trouble on execution of the concerned office work by obtaining your consent.
    Our company shows the effect of the information dissemination to third parties or that there is the possibility and consent has been obtained beforehand.